Memorizing Bible verses can seem like a HUGE task. But memorizing a song with a catchy tune is usually simple and fun.

I (Andy Johnson) came to this realization in 2010 after working with students at my own church on memorizing God’s word. Most often students could “memorize” a verse long enough to say it once, but long-term memory was activated. That’s when I began putting verses to music as an attempt to get students (and adults) to memorize with a long-term mindset. In 2012 I began recording “Bible Songs” and distributing worldwide. It has been incredible to see these songs used as a memorization tool literally around the world.

Lantern Music realizes the importance of learning Scripture and hiding it in our hearts (Psalm 119:11), but doesn’t think memorizing the Word of God should be boring or hard.

God isn’t boring, and storing away His words to us should be compelling and enjoyable. He also promises to use His Word to change our lives (I Tim. 3:16-17).

Lantern Music has combined simple pop melodies with Scripture to create easy to learn, easy to remember songs.